Friday, December 11, 2009

A Very Happy Chanukah To All

to all who are reading this
I would like to wish a very Happy Chanukah!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the UN, Ban-Ki Moon and the pursuit of liberty

The secretary-general of the UN, Ban-Ki Moon seems to be the Neville Chamberlain of our times.
Kosh'sShadow replied: Yes, the way he won't say anything about what the "two states living side by side" would be. He just can't bring himself to say one is a Jewish state, can he?
The majorities in the UN won't let him. Pretty much a scum bag surrounded by a barf-bag, surrounded by a sack of manure.

That being said Ban isn't at all exonerated, he is part and parcel of this anti-Semitic shit-hole of the Useless Nations.
Free and democratic nations have the most to be afraid of by that organization. All the totalitarian, theocratic and nepotistic nations rule the house.

No small wonder the UN makes resolution after resolution condemning Israel while not mentioning such hell-holes as the Sudan or North Korea. To name only a few.

Shame on the lot of them and all those diplomats and the nations they represent who don't speak out against this evil discrepancy.

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The Reformation and Climategate

Has anyone ever wondered about the stark similarities between Martin Luther and his confronting the indulgence sales being done by the Catholic church at the time which all started the reformation
with the AGW and Kyoto and now Copenhagen conferences bend on having whole states now pay for sins we all allegedly have committed?

Climategate might well be what at the time Martin Luther and his reformation was to the individual, Climategate could really turn out to be the reformation on a societal level.

I really do hope that this starts a mass movement of people who aren't bullied into surrendering more and more individual liberties to the state and/or super-national bodies.

Here again I see the only society able and already starting to revolt as the people of the US of America.
Tea-Parties anyone?
Let us all wait and see, but I wouldn't at all be surprised.

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