Saturday, February 13, 2010

The character of Callahan ;-)

ErikTheRed voiced something a couple of days ago at a chat answering the question who and where I was from, he said:
Callahan23 is an American trapped in the body of a German.

That was exactly how I felt this noon when I was at a café and on our table a liberal/socialist discussion about social injustice, income distribution and the mean grip of the power hungry for ever more power without the normal population to be able to do anything about it, broke out. Yada, yada, yada ...

I was sooo sick and tired of this shit I was sitting there and virtually hung up on that talk. I didn't participate nor did I object to anything.
I am sick of those liberal/socialist loons and there is way too many of those around here for me to convince any otherwise.
Needless to say they will not be convinced of logic or reason.

Lessons to be learned from Greece

The citizens of a state like Washington should well heed the advice of a financially bankrupt country like Greece.
Greece has grown through decades of social and socialist ideas without the mere thought that something like the free market could do any good. The sense of entitlement has grown accordingly.

Those protesting students are nothing more than the spoiled brats of middle-class families who insist on their 'rights'. The society has been indoctrinated for so long now that virtually no one challenges their entitlement thinking or their destructive behavior. Of course they are frustrated that they don't have the same chances their fathers had when they entered the job market. But no one in that country puts into account that roughly one tenth of the population works for the state or for state run enterprises. No one sees the imbalance that someone has to pay up their salaries.

Greece is a failed state IMHO, don't let individual states of the union slide down that same slippery road.
The population of Washington state has to really wake up and vote for an entirely new set of political faces.